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President - Liz Purdy

Vice President - Amylyn Wachter

Treasurer - Chris Mills

Secretary - Kristen Smith

Registrar- Amy MacDonald

Equipment Manager - Scott Lebrun

Field Manager - Amylyn Wachter

Publicity/Website Coordinator- Kathi Rienstra 

Fundraising Director- Natasha Hyde

Board Member- Jim Rosenberg(Immediate Past President)

Board Member- JB Frazier

Board Member- Carla Monte

Board Member- Tori Lemay

Board Member- Anthony Blinn

Board Member- Dennis Pelletier

Board Member- Dan Poirier

Board Meeting Procedure

The NHLSC Board Meetings are broken into Open, Closed and Executive sessions. Any NHLSC Parent, Volunteer or Coach (no Players) may attend the Open portion of the meeting. In order to attend, it is requested that you email a Board Member of your intention to attend the meeting and the nature of your concern and/or request so that this information may be added to the meeting agenda. The Board will hear any issue but may need to resolve the issue at a later time.

Once the Open portion of the meeting is concluded and the Closed portion of the meeting commences, non Board Members will need to depart. Managers (but not Coaches) are welcome to attend the Closed portion of the Board meeting. From time to time the Board may need to meet in an Executive Session, in which case, Managers would need to depart as the Executive session meetings are Board Members, exclusively.

For more information, contact